Telerik 2018 R3/R3 SP1

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Telerik 2018 R3/R3 SP1

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Telerik 2018 R3/R3 SP1


Telerik 2018 R3/R3 SP1 | 2.11 GB

Telerik Corporation was founded in 2002 and is currently the leader in developing and selling User Interface (UI) components for ASP.NET and Windows Forms. Telerik helps its users create rich in design, clear and interactive applications.

The company has the status of a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Microsoft VSIP Ap pliance partner, a member of the consortium of component developers, Borland Technology partner. Thousands of organizations in 70 countries around the world have chosen Telerik, among which are clients such as Kodak, UN, Microsoft, Heinz, European Union, Accenture, Pfizer, World Bank, Intel, Citigroup, NASA, Siemens, Nike, IMF, T-Mobile, Reuters, Armed US Forces, Vodafone, NBC, Universal Harvard University, Motorola.

Version: 2018 R3
Year of release: 2018
Developer: Telerik
Tablet: not required
Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework


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