AutoForm Plus R7 with Update 1 (ShiChuang/Linux 64bit)

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AutoForm Plus R7 with Update 1 (ShiChuang/Linux 64bit)

Beitragvon apple2000 » 08.12.2018, 15:27

AutoForm Plus R7 with Update 1 (ShiChuang/Linux 64bit)


AutoForm Plus R7 with Update 1 (ShiChuang/Linux 64bit) | 3.1 GB

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading provider of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has released the first patch version of AutoForm plus R7, which provides a new set of powerful features to support users around the Sheet metal processing chain.
AutoForm^Plus R7 allows users to expand the digital process chain through a new set of powerful functionalities. Several new options included in this release, such as for drawbead modeling, blank definition, enhanced springback compensation, systematic process improvement as well as the fully integrated hemming solution, further demonstrate and emphasize AutoForm's continuous efforts to streamline and accelerate the entire engineering process of sheet metal forming.

About AutoForm Engineering GmbH

AutoForm Engineering GmbH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive accessories and industrial components. With production and headquarters in Malung, Sweden, we work globally to support most of the worlds' leading vehicle manufacturers.

Whats New :
Product: AutoForm^Plus
Version: R7.0.1.9 build 134712
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang 7even SP1 / 10 / Server 2016 | Ubunru supported (xinetd must be installed)
Software Prerequisites: AutoForm^Plus R7


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