LED High Bay factory

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LED High Bay factory

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200W Linear High Bay Light
1. The high bay lamp body made of high quality aluminum alloy, high heat dissipation efficiency.
3. The use of strong air convection design, spacer radiator, to ensure the cooling effect.
4. The combination of lamp body with precision mold die-casting can effectively prevent the intrusion of impurities.
5. The high bay light using Philips / Puri SMD 3030 lamp chips, light efficiency reaches 110LM / W, long life.
6. Adopt Taiwan Ming Wei high-efficiency constant current drive, wide voltage AC80-305V, power supply efficiency more than 90%.
7. EMT test can be passed safety test, protection level ≥ IP66.
8. Widely used in warehouses, factories, squares, workshops, exhibition halls, sports fields, stadiums and other places.
9. Warranty 5 years, best high bay lighting.
1. This is a factory direct supply of new all-aluminum private mode without glare bar high power three-proof lamp, lamp type high bay lamp super energy-saving ceiling lamps, good heat dissipation, novel appearance, three anti-design, flexible application, Excellent lighting, widely used in industrial lighting, especially for large space and harsh environment. Can match a variety of light sources to meet a variety of lighting needs.
2. Suitable for workshops, factories, warehouses, high-speed toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums and other high-altitude lighting.LED High Bay factory
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