Tate quality Office Raised Flooring

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Tate quality Office Raised Flooring

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oa Office raised Flooring has evolved to be the solution for buildings needing to safely and securely incorporate electrical and mechanical services. There are raised flooring solutions for offices, computer and server rooms and many other applications.
You may just want a lightweight alternative to a traditional sand and cement screed, with the weight saving and speed of installation or you may want to use the void as a plenum to distribute air around your building. You may need the finish of a screed but still need to access the void and in this instance, we are one of the largest suppliers and installers of CZHUIYA office raised flooring systems.
Why Use Us ?
We have more than 25 years’ genuine experience in this industry, not just selling but installing, manufacturing and designing for oa office raised flooring. We deal with many Blue Chip corporate clients, architects and end users, but also small business and specialist contractors. We like to take the time to understand our clients’ needs and advise them of the best solutions which are not necessarily the most expensive.Tate quality Office Raised Flooring
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