Fluorine manufacturers

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Fluorine manufacturers

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Supply 3-Bromo-2-Fluoroaniline CAS 58534-95-5
Quick Details
Product Name3-Bromo-2-Fluoroaniline
Other Name3-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline;3-bromo-2-fluoroaniline hydrochloride;3-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline 99%;
CAS No.58534-95-5
AppearanceOrange red liquid
Purity98%( NMR Conforms to structure)
Package100g,1kg /bag or drum
3-Bromo-2-Fluoroaniline CAS 58534-95-5 is benzene ring pharmaceutical intermediates
characteristicsOrange red liquidOrange red liquid
loss on drying≤0.5%0.32%
conclusionit complies to prescrlbed enterprise standard
This product is used in the synthesis of chemical intermediates, boric acid derivatives, for UV-visible titration
Quality Control
Reputation First! Quality First!
We are responsible for products returning and refunding for any quality problem! We accept third party inspection like SGS, BV and TUV.
Transport and Storage
Stable, but may be light sensitive. Very hygroscopic. Undergoes catalytic oxygenation in the presence of magnesium, cupric, cobalt, nickel and ferric ions. Store under a dry atmosphere.
There is no hazardous surcharge associated with this product
There is no special packaging charge associated with this productFluorine manufacturers
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