Why does it make sense to work with EXNESS?

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Why does it make sense to work with EXNESS?

Beitragvon generals » 03.02.2012, 18:59

Why does it make sense to work with EXNESS?
A currency trader’s success largely depends on tenacity, consistency, analytical thinking, level-headedness, ambition and composure in the face of stress. But in addition to these personal and professional qualities, a trader’s earnings are also dependent on his or her choice of a partner. Why are so many traders around the world choosing EXNESS?
Minimal floating spreads are a key trading condition at any brokerage. We keep spreads low because we benefit when our clients make maximum trades on their accounts.
Leverage up to 1:1000. This is a highly unique instrument on the Forex market and indispensible for professional traders.
Accurate order placement . With a minimum of requotes and slippage, our high-speed order placement system gives traders unlimited opportunities to apply diverse strategies.
Hedging. We guarantee payouts of any amount of profit on any of our transactions, no matter what type of account you have, by hedging either total client positions or specific transactions with institutional investors.
Minimal non-trading risks. We use only the best equipment and software to significantly reduce the likelihood of technical problems.
Wide selection of instruments. Professionals and new traders alike will appreciate the incredible selection of instruments offered by EXNESS;
Automatic withdrawals. A unique service that saves you time.
Helpful client services team. Our specialists are always happy to answer your questions.
Flexible deposit and withdrawal options. Clients can manage funds in their trading accounts via credit card, wire transfer or any of a number of online payment systems.
VPS access. EXNESS clients have free access to a remote server, expanding their access to automated trading systems.

Continually improving the trading experience for its clients, EXNESS is a leader on the Forex currency market.
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Re: Why does it make sense to work with EXNESS?

Beitragvon generals » 08.10.2014, 19:05

Metal-Currency Accounts

EXNESS metal-currency accounts are a simple and reliable way to protect your money from the effects of negative economic factors during periods of financial instability. Investments in precious metals are also the perfect way for conservative investors to earn stable, high returns with minimal risk.

EXNESS metal-currency accounts include baskets of the following metals and currencies:

MAUUSD – Gold;
MAGUSD – Silver;
MPTUSD – Platinum;
MPDUSD – Palladium;
MBBUSD – Gold + Silver + Platinum + Palladium;
MBDUSD – Gold + Silver + Platinum + Palladium + EUR + USD + GBP + JPY.
When registering to open a metal-currency account, use the Account Currency field to choose the metal, currency or metal-currency basket you want. When you deposit money to the account, your funds will be converted to the currency of the basket you selected. You may access your account 24 hours a day using the Personal Area at the EXNESS website.

Advantages of Metal-Currency Accounts

A metal-currency account is an investment portfolio consisting of multiple precious metals and currencies. Distributing funds between these metals and currencies allows investors to protect their capital from the risks of price fluctuations on any one of the metals or currencies. If the price of a metal or currency in the basket goes down, the losses are compensated for by higher prices for the other elements of the portfolio. This safeguard feature makes metal-currency accounts a reliable source of long-term investment income.

Affordable. Any amount is sufficient to open metal-currency accounts with EXNESS.
High returns. Positive price movement in precious metals, plus the fact that no metals are actually delivered, guarantee stable, high profits over the long term.
Risk diversification. Investors protect their capital by distributing it between multiple financial instruments.
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